AOL Vampire Bar – Sexting Cherry Popped

Wicked Wednesday:

How many of you out there remember the times before twitter and facebook? Back when we were chatting on ICQ or MSN messenger? Or in online chat rooms, and then they organized a chatters meeting, which probably was the precursor of tweetups and munches. Remember the times you sat at your computer, waiting for that special one to come online? And how frustrated you got when he/she didn’t? Or the nights that you chatted to so many people that it became an art to switch between the different screens? I want to hear your stories… and I want to hear what you like better- the old times or the new?



I discovered my love of sexting, naughty online chatting, in the summer of ’99. We (my ex-husband and I) had had our home computer for about a year when I stumbled upon this wonderful new vice. I’ve always been a bit of a night owl. Late one night that summer, I couldn’t sleep. I crawled quietly out of bed and found myself in front of my computer. I was very, very horny and very much in the mood to flirt, to misbehave. I fired up the computer and listened to the dial up tones as it connected to AOL. I smiled as it connected, I had a plan… for trouble. Continue reading

Night Owls & Insomnia

All my life I’ve been a night owl. I’ve always loved the night. As a teenager, I stayed up all night more often than I should have. Reading, writing, talking on the phone to the boy of the week, sneaking out and taking a walk, or jumping in the boyfriend’s car and going wherever.

It didn’t matter what I was doing or what I had to do the next day. I felt the most alive at night. After high school, I got a job waiting tables at a 24 hour diner on the graveyard shift. I loved that shift. I’ve worked graveyards a few other times in my life, as well and other than the strain it put on the family, it was always my favorite schedule. Continue reading