My Happy Place


As I sat at the dungeon (INCOGNITO) on Saturday night watching Daddy play, I found myself letting my mind clear and just listening… just watching.

I heard laughter. I heard the kiss of a whip against bare skin and the thwack of a paddle against a lovely bottom. I heard the group next to us struggle with each other during a resistance play scene that was DELIGHTFUL to witness. So much hotness watching that pretty girl give those two big o’ boys a real struggle to contain her. The best part? When I could tell that they finally won and she was still. Continue reading

Switchy Switchy


It is ever evolving, isn’t it? This journey of discovery that we are on. There was a bit of evolution just last night.

Let me tell you a little about it…

So for a while now, several of my friends have said that they believed I might be more a switch than I like to think I am. Continue reading