Differences: Dom/Top and Sub/bottom

What to YOU is the difference between a Dom and a Top?
Sub and a bottom?


(Apply gender as it works for you in this answer)

These are my thoughts. They fluctuate often as I learn new things and encounter new dynamics and the people involved in those dynamics. They are in no way intended to encompass or describe a one true way definition of Dom, Top, sub or bottom.*

To me, the biggest difference is in the level of need to dominate and the level of need to submit. Continue reading

Defiant Girl

“Daddy… gimme kisses,” the girls says, her voice playful

He leans into her, so close but no kisses

“Say please”

The girl giggles defiantly, reaching for him to take the kisses she’s asked for.

His hand in her hair, he yanks her head back

“Say. Please.” Continue reading



Sitting at the bar with my Sir, a delicious cherry vodka over ice is ordered up. When it arrives, he instructs me to drain the glass quickly leaving only the ice and cherries. I do as I’m told the alcohol rushing into my system as the cool liquid slides down my throat.

As the glass begins to empty he dips his fingers in and scoops out some pieces of the vodka flavored ice. Leaning in close to me, he whispers in my ear, “Are you wearing panties, submissive?” I shake my head no, my eyes watching the ice melting in his fingertips. Continue reading

Alone in the Woods

It is all about pushing boundaries. Facing fears and overcoming them. I knew that when I got involved with Him. I just didn’t think this was going to be one of them. It terrifies me so much that it has always been on my hard limits list. So why the fuck was I here? Why was I standing here, the rushing water of the creek inches from my sandaled toes? As I watched the water rush over the rocks and felt the cool breeze blowing over my skin, I remembered standing here with Him on his last visit. Had it really only been four days ago?

Continue reading

Consent Done Right

consentmatters16Whistling my favorite song, happily slapping the mortar onto the brightly colored and well glittered bricks that make up the walls that guard my heart. Gleefully stacking them haphazardly atop each other between posting lines from my naughty stories and my thoughts on sex and submission and even a naughty picture or ten. Giggling along in my safe little corner of the cyber world, or playing with my friends and flirting with all the sexxies. Continue reading

The Element of Surprise

Kari waved and smiled as she passed His receptionist and headed back to His office. Janet, the receptionist waved back as she gathered her things and left the office for her lunch break. Kari slipped into His office and closed the door behind her. She knew she had a few minutes before He would arrive. She walked slowly around this space where He spent His days. Continue reading