Differences: Dom/Top and Sub/bottom

What to YOU is the difference between a Dom and a Top?
Sub and a bottom?


(Apply gender as it works for you in this answer)

These are my thoughts. They fluctuate often as I learn new things and encounter new dynamics and the people involved in those dynamics. They are in no way intended to encompass or describe a one true way definition of Dom, Top, sub or bottom.*

To me, the biggest difference is in the level of need to dominate and the level of need to submit. Continue reading

Strong Foundations – Back to Basics

polyOver the last year, we have been through a fuckton of changes in our non-monogamy.  I don’t really know what else to call it. We are definitely not monogamous. We’re past the notch in the bedpost, fucking for sport, just sex swinging but not quite all the way to poly. But, it’s not door swung wide, no holds barred, floundering in the deep end open either. I’m just not sure what the fuck to call it. So, for now, let’s just stick with calling it our non-monogamy. Continue reading

Living a life to be loved




The world is dark beyond the windows. The house is quiet as the kids sleep. We are having coffee. Daddy on his playstation playing baseball and I on my computer, perving fetlife and writing. I love these quiet mornings shared over coffee. Continue reading

Off the Grid – A Day to Reconnect

offthegrid3Daddy and I have been actively involved with other people more intensely since February than at any other time in our lives together. It has been an adventure for sure, with plenty of ups and downs. Our emotional bandwidth is feeling stretched very thin and we’re thinking that maybe what we need is some time away just the two of us.  This weekend is that time.

Saturday, specifically will be a no technology day. We won’t be online, we won’t be answering phone calls or text messages, won’t know if an email comes in. From the time our eyes open to the time they close, we will be officially off the grid. So if you’re trying to reach us on Saturday, you won’t get us. We might get back to you on Sunday. But… it might be Monday.

It’s time for us to unplug and reconnect.